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It’s a great thing to incorporate octaves into your daily practice. Why you might ask? Octaves are a great tool to help you build a consistent hand frame in all positions of the violin – they’re also great in helping you realize how different the spacing is for your hand depending if you are in a higher or lower position. The exercise that I’m putting for download is great to do first as a normal 1-4 octave. Now, if you are feeling very comfortable in this situation and want to take it the next level, I recommend you try it as show on the page which changes them to fingered octaves. There are a couple of pieces that come to mind that fingered octaves can prove to become very beneficial. Wieniawksi Concerto in D minor, Polonaise in D major, Sibelius Concerto, and Ysaye Solo Sonata No. 6 – just to name a few. Only practice this exercise for 10 minutes at a time to build the frame and the stretch of the hand. Enjoy!!!

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