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  • 5 years ago
  • By Pasha Sabouri

Articulation- It’s something that we think about all the time when playing repertoire. On this page out of Dorothy Delays packet she talks about how we Articulate in both the left and right hand.  This is how I interpreted it.

Left Hand

  1. Finger Drop- How we use the natural weight of our finger to articulate and the ability to do that without pressing in the left hand at all….especially in the thumb.
  2. Finger Drop- Of course just as we think about how we drop the finger onto the string we need to think just as much about how we lift our finger off of the string. Still the use of no pressure is necessary and when we lift the finger we need to keep the finger close to the string so that the use of them can be more immediate and not causing tension on the hand.
  3. Shifting- The three most important things we need to know about Shifting.
  • You need to know where you are coming from and where you are going to
  • You need to know that the whole hand needs to move as a unit and not to leave the thumb behind!
  • You need to know that there should be absolutely no squeezing in any part of your hand! Your hand should be very flexible and be able to just glide up and down the fingerboard without any tension.


String Change- Figuring out how you change strings.

  • Does your elbow propel the movement?
  • Does your arm change angles depending on what string you are on?
  • Is your arm relaxed? More specifically…is your forearm relaxed? How about your wrist? Make sure first that the larger muscles are relaxed and then work your way down to the smaller muscles.

Bow Change

  1. Detache-  This just basically means Detached or separated
  2. Martele-  Literally means “hammered”. Play the stroke with the fastest possible bow speed then at the end of the stroke the bow will rest on the string without any pressure from your index finger.
  3. Spiccato- Basically means when the bow bounces lightly off the string.

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